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Dizziness and Balance

Dizziness is one of the most common complaints made by adult patients to their doctors. Dizziness is not the same for everyone. Some people experience feeling lightheaded, off balance, and faint. Others report they feel as if the room is spinning or they are spinning. This is known as vertigo. Common symptoms that are associated with dizziness are nausea, imbalance, cold sweats, passing out, hearing loss, ear pressure, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). For some people, dizziness is made worse by certain head movements or body positions.

At Carlson Ear Nose & Throat Associates a complete diagnostic balance evaluation and treatment is completed using a team approach. Dr. Carlson works along with our Doctors of Audiology to properly evaluate and treat your specific symptoms. The typical comprehensive balance evaluation includes a hearing evaluation, visualnystagmography or VNG testing, and a medical evaluation at which treatment options will be discussed. The initial medical office visit and comprehensive hearing exam can be completed in the same day. VNG testing will be scheduled as soon as possible following your initial exam. Our office is now providing vestibular rehabilitation in the office.

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