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Injection Free Allergy Treatments

Carlson Ear Nose and Throat Associates continually strives to offer our patients the most effective treatments while maintaing the highest level of convenience that we can. In some cases patients have trouble with the need for allergy injections. In other cases injections simply are not the best option. In these cases we have a treatment option called Sublingual Immunotherapy that is shot free and is both safe and effective.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Unlike traditional and more widely seen injection immunotherapy, sublingual immunotherapy is given by dropping medicine under the tongue using a dispenser. It treats the cause of allergies by providing very small doses of allergens the patient is allergic to, which slowly increases the immunity or tolerance and reduces allergic symptoms.

Injection free options are given a complete allergy test to confirm what is causing their allergies and we custom tailor vials of drops for you to take under the tongue daily.

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