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Learn more about Carlson Ear Nose and Throat Associates with the videos below. Our staff provides in depth knowledge into some of our services and how we are able to help patients with things like allergies, sinusitis and balance and dizziness issues. Hear also from some of our patients as they have been able to find relief from these symptoms through our staff of friendly professionals.

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Dr. Carlson talks about Vertigo

Dr. Carlson talks about properly diagnosis and beginning treatment for Vertigo

Stephanie talks about allergy symptoms and relief

Dr. Carlson talks about the symptoms and treatment options available for those that are suffering from vertigo. This is a difficult condition to properly diagnose and treat however we specialize in utilizing comprehensive examination and our expertise in the field allows us to help nearly all of our patients resolve their balance and dizziness symptoms.

Sublingual immunotherapy offers huge advantages as an allergy treatment option. It is a very simple and effective way to treat without the need of injections and can be administered without needing to come in and see a specialist.